Higher Education Legal Issue (But change the name once you find the article u want to use)

As higher education professionals, it is critical that you stay abreast of contemporary issues, including legal updates and their implications. For this assignment, please find a periodical article about a contemporary legal issue (2015–2022). The issue must be related to higher education. The paper must include the following elements (please use the corresponding section headings within your paper): • APA […]

Picturing “Society” Analysis Activity

Citing some textual evidence pulled from Hendler’s (POSTED IN FILES) definition of “society” in support of your readings, consider the following questions in a short (~200-word) response: How does the photography of Bruce Davidson represent “society”? (POSTED IN MESSAGES) How do the critiques of this collection complicate a straightforward reading of Davidson’s work? When responding, contextualize your response to these […]

Jenzabar is dedicated to the success of its clients in higher education, support

Jenzabar is dedicated to the success of its clients in higher education, supporting more than 1,300 campuses around the world with tailored student-information software and related services. From enrollment to graduation, Jenzabar helps to streamline student and university administration and finance. For large and small institutions, the growing cost and complexity of running an in-house IT infrastructure makes it an […]

Critical compare and contrast of two books about Historical Archeology.

Write a critical comparison of two books assigned. This short essays will compare and contrast the approaches taken to cultural contact, colonialism, and cultural change by two authors. Essays should be no longer than 2,500 words. Enrique Rodríguez-Alegría (2016): The Archaeology and History of Colonial Mexico: Mixing Epistemologies Cat Jarman (2021): River Kings: A New History of Vikings from Scandinavia […]