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Assignment 1
Over the next several weeks you will work towards developing your research topic for your final research project. This activity will assist you in developing your research topic.
Review: https://libraries.indiana.edu/sites/default/files/Develop_a_Research_Question.pdf
Guidelines for the Assignment
Answer the following questions:
List a potential topic: Mental Health & Aging Brains
Formulate two or three questions on your potential topic.
Choose one of your questions and pick out two to three significant words.
Now list the synonyms and related concepts for this topic by using these significant words.
Look at the questions that you formulated in number two. Now try to create three more focused questions or narrower questions by using some of the additional terms from the list that you created.
**This activity is designed to get you thinking about your research topic. Do not feel pressured to identify your final research topic at this time. Use this activity to help you brainstorm potential topics.
link :https://libraries.indiana.edu/sites/default/files/Develop_a_Research_Question.pdf

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