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Sessions 7-8: Develop a presentation about a topic you are passionate about. In Quadrant four, several approaches are presented to sell ideas and how these ideas can be presented for audience understanding and appeal, such as describing a case presentation, discussing the arguments for a new initiative and invoking emotion for audience attention. Choose a topic of compelling interest for its political, workforce, regulatory or legal appeal to systems or people and create a presentation using the SSSAP approach described in the text. Based on the idea, problem or initiative, choose your platform to convince the audience of your proposal or the need for action. Include why you chose to present your topic by a specific approach to reach your audience based on the lessons from the text as a guide. In your presentation include the time scale of focus of the initiative—what are the short term vs. the long term actions. In a persuasive, meaningful way describe what the key leadership competencies are to solve the problem and to gain substantial insight. Students may present orally in class, scheduled with a sign-up list OR may choose to produce a video to deliver their presentation and post the presentation. For those students who plan to post, let me know your intentions. See the use of media aids under course resources. Cameras must be on. Those of you who want to progress through the course sooner, contact the instructor. We may have a Session 9 depending upon enrollment and scheduling.
SSSAP as a springboard to incorporate the material in Module 4, Competency 2.
Include why you chose to present your topic in a certain way based on the lessons from the text as a guide: Determine and then present your stance by using one of the approaches in the text, such as issues/solutions, case study, argument fallacies, etc.
Announce who your audience is, the BoD, community, staff, etc.
Use at least 5 scholarly references, excluding the text.
Plan for 5 min, but do less than 4 min. The time allotted in this descriiption is an estimate, but depends on enrollment and will be announced by the first session.
Cite your applicable references on each slide.

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