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As a motivational psychology professional, you will be required to analyze the impact of self-efficacy on job satisfaction. This includes the analysis of the workplace, employees, and their performance on the job.
In your role as a professional, you need to be prepared to conduct analyses that impact various aspects of employee motivation and prepare recommendation proposals.
In this assignment, you will prepare an executive summary of a proposal. This is an overview of your proposal and provides enough information so that your audience can make a final decision about your recommendation, without needing to read an entire proposal.
Imagine you are a human resources consultant for a consumer products company. After meeting with numerous departments, you have determined that issues with employee self-efficacy are hindering job satisfaction. You believe there is a need for improvement in current workplace training, as well as a need to increase professional development practices.
Prepare a 1,400-word executive summary action plan for the VP of human resources of your client company.
Include the following in your executive summary:
An overall introduction
An explanation of the problem, summarizing issues with current employee self-efficacy and job satisfaction, including workplace training and professional development practices. Note that you do need to have a specific problem – this should not be a general one.
An analysis of how improving current practices will be beneficial for employees’ self-efficacy, motivation, and job satisfaction. How will improving the current practices lead to a reduction in the employee issues?
An outline of your recommended solution, including at least 3 specific ways the company can make changes in workplace training and professional development.
An analysis of how your recommended solutions will bring value to the organization. Address the following:
Why will changing company training and development as it relates to your issue benefit employees?
How will your solutions help improve employee self-efficacy and motivation?
What motivational theories best support your recommended solutions, and clearly relate to the employee issues at hand? (At least 2 different theories need to be included here, self-efficacy must not be one of them.)
A conclusion summarizing the importance of implementation of your recommendation. Tie all parts of the executive summary together for this section.
Provide a separate title and reference page.
Base your executive summary recommendation on appropriate research, including at least 2 peer-reviewed journal articles.
Note: This is intended to be a professional assignment and should not include I/me statements. An executive summary is usually a combination of paragraphs and bullet points. Headings and sub-headings are regularly used. For example, you might have an introductory paragraph, an explanation paragraph with sub-headings regarding low self-efficacy and lack of motivation, and a bullet point section for the 3 specific ways.

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