Whole System Measures

USE Case Study – Section 5 – pages 10-16
Please address the following questions as you outline and write your case analysis
-Why did Cooley Dickinson Hospital (CHD) test and evaluate the Whole System Measurement approach? If adopted, what would this mean to their organization?
-What types of resources and roles (STAKEHOLDERS) were needed to help evaluate and facilitate a strategy to adopt the Whole System Measure?
-What is the purpose of the “quality compass” (organizational PILLARS)? Comment on the framework in Figure 2., specifically the categories and how they may drive quality performance.
Reference Figure 3: Board Dashboard. Review and explain ONE of the Quality Performance Metrics: (Patient Satisfaction, Clinical Quality, Patient Flow, Staff Satisfaction, Financial, or Growth). As you review the 3 data graphs provided comment on the following:
-Name the measure referenced in each data graph (there are 3 per PILLAR).
-What is the data graph telling you? (trends, reliability, improved performance)
-Comment on what else you would like to learn.
USE this frame work for the outline
Background: burning platform
Aim (Goal)
Needed Leadership Support: Organizational committee support and identified roles
Data Sources: Developing internal resources to get data

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