Whatever story you choose

I have 3 assignments in one that I am including in this. A discussion forum, the reflection journal, and the actual annotated and summarized article. I need all 3 from you because I can’t do the research I work entirely too much and if I can’t do the research I won’t know what to do on the discussion forum or reflection journal. The discussion journal will only be about 1 or 2 paragraphs and the reflection journal will be one paragraph as well. I will include instructions for each part as well as the payment for the proper amount of pages it will take to complete all 3 tasks in one. I will label each part with the proper topic so you know the instructions for each part. You can send as one pdf attachment I will just copy and paste it onto separate pages just please label which part is discussion forum, which part is reflection journal and which part is annotated and summarized article. I am also going to include the Rubric for Annotated and Summarized Articles so you know what to include in it as well as the list of stories you can choose from. I don’t know if you have access to “They Say/I Say with Readings (Fifth Edition)” by Gerald Graff, Cathy Birkenstein, & Russel Durst to read chapters 1 & 2 for the examples to Graff’s text format for summarizing the ideas of other’s or not but if you don’t I can screen shot and upload that part for you later if needed.

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