Week 3 Assignment

A service plan documents is what is required to achieve the goals of the service user. The plan documents the decisions and agreements made during the planning and information-gathering process.
This week, you will write a service plan following the template provided.
Review the Intake Assessment: Maria handout, which contains the case study and the intake assessment.
Use the Service Plan template found in the Simulation Experience Resources for this assignment.
Complete a Service Plan for the case scenario using the Service Plan Template provided in the Week 3 Resources and address the items below within your Service Plan:
Identify/evaluate the service user’s needs and goals.
Identify if you foresee any ethical issues and address how you would respond to these issues.
Justify your plan based on the unique needs and sociocultural factors of the service user and the family.
Apply advocacy and service coordination skills in case management.
Provide a brief summary of the case management steps that would need to be followed in developing, implementing, and monitoring the progress of a service plan.

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