This journal focuses on the Equal Rights Amendment. For some historical backgrou

This journal focuses on the Equal Rights Amendment. For some historical background on this subject, please read this page (Links to an external site.). Please note that the page also contains the text of the proposed constitutional amendment.
With that historical context, please read the Brochure on the Equal Rights Amendment (Links to an external site.). Note that you will have to click on arrows to get through the entire brochure. The link may not work as the site has frequent trouble. As such, you can find the text of the brochure in the files below. Next, read the attached file by Phyllis Schlafly. She was one of the conservative voices in the 1970s who helped to undermine and defeat the Equal Rights Amendment by encouraging opposition to its ratification.
ERA Pamphlet (1).docx Download ERA Pamphlet (1).docx
ERA Pamphlet.pdf Download ERA Pamphlet.pdf
Phyllis Schlafly and the ERA.pdf Download Phyllis Schlafly and the ERA.pdf
Having read both sources, please write a journal of 300 words addressing the following questions using specific evidence and quotes from the readings:
How did the brochure define freedom for women? What types of inequality seemed the most problematic to those who wrote the brochure?
Why did Schlafly believe the ERA would actually harm women?
How did Schlafly’s picture of the status of American women differ from that of the Equal Rights Amendment?
Which vision do you find more convincing. Why?
Reminder: Plagiarizing the assignment or using manufactured quotes/evidence (meaning examples that do not appear in the source) will result in a 0. Thi

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