The vision and mission of the hospital is important to determine the quality goa

The vision and mission of the hospital is important to determine the quality goals of providing health care to patients. As each individual responsible for Healthcare has a set of Professional Standards and vision that characterizes him. Therefore, in order to reach a certain goal which is the vision and mission of a Health Organization, all healthcare officials must adhere to these principles. This is in order to provide high-quality patient care, since each hospital has its own policies and processes in providing the mission and vision.(Nataraja, S2016). For the quality of care that is provided, the officials of healthcare organizations have been increasing the importance of hospital accreditation. Therefore, the vision and mission are part of the evaluation and identification of hospitals worldwide. Since this dilemma requires an immediate review that will help to put hospitals in the health system.
King Fahd armed forces Hospital in Jeddah-Saudi Arabia was chosen as the hospital for me is considered the best in terms of their service provision and quality of health care. The hospital provides services and management of medical departments in the Ministry of Defense and aviation, as it has five clinics throughout the city, and the capacity is up to 530 beds in the hospital as part of the healthcare system. Services can also be facilitated for members of the Saudi military with their families to access a comprehensive range of medical treatments at the facility. It is also the only hospital with a cardiac surgery specialty in the Western Region and is located within the main hospital. It also aims to adopt the principles of developing and improving the quality of health care delivery under all conditions, encouraging and implementing health care educational activities, ensuring the rights of patients as well as the dignity of health care workers, raising the levels of health education for society as a whole while maintaining quality and continuous improvement by creating an environment that encourages the spirit of Investigation and inquiry-based learning. Also, the Saudi Health Council granted King Fahd armed forces Hospital in Jeddah accreditation for health facilities in May 2018. The Joint International Committee was accredited in November 2018 after a field visit by the ICRC. Accreditation and certification of the Joint Commission International is a global standard for quality assurance and best practices in quality and patient safety.(Repasky, L 2019)
Vision and mission analysis is the process by which a non-affiliated accredited entity analyzes a health facility and determines whether it complies with the requirements and standards required to improve the quality of care through medical accreditation. Due to the comprehensiveness of its procedures, which include all elements from the patient’s arrival to his leave from the institution, health facilities seek accreditation from the Joint International Commission for accreditation of health facilities. This accreditation also evaluates the administrative components of the implementation of the best hospital standards in the world.( Repasky, L 2019).
The compatibility of the vision statement with the Saudi Vision 2030 also showed that enabling the ministry to carry out its work in regulating legislation and monitoring stakeholders in the sector to ensure sustainability and transparency in the King Fahd armed forces hospital system in Jeddah, while reducing the workload on the ministry and facilitating its performance. The Ministry of Health is also redefining its current role as a legislative and regulatory body, apart from working on the provision of Health Services, the quality of health care and the health licensing authority, in order to become the only regulatory body in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia for policymaking. (Nataraja, S2018).
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