The Structure of Art

purpose: Explain how artists use different materials to make art. Two examples are (a) how artists use different drawing materials to create different kinds of line and (b) how sculptors use additive or subtractive methods to create mass and volume. This assignment will guide you to apply the concepts and vocabulary in the textbook to actual artworks.
Look through the list of drawings and sculptures in the Drawings and Sculpture: the Structure of Art presentation. Choose either a drawing or a sculpture to discuss. Make sure to pay attention the materials the artists used when making your choice.
In your post, first identify the work you are writing about and include an image/screenshot.
If you choose a drawing, your discussion post will have two parts:
For the first part, explain what materials were used to create the drawing using the vocabulary in your textbook ( – the terms you see in bold. You will find the materials used listed in the identification, with the artwork’s title and artist. Explain what characteristics these specific media have.
For the second part of the discussion, use the textbook material on the elements of design (2.5.1) Describe the elements of design that you see used in the work.
If you choose a sculpture, your discussion post will also have two parts:
For the first part, explain the process the artist would have used to create a sculpture from the material listed on the identification (with the artwork’s title and artist) using the vocabulary in the textbook (2.4.2) – the terms that you see in bold.
For the second part of the discussion use the textbook material on the principles of design (2.5.2). Describe the principles of design that you see used in the work.
Your post should be at least 150 words.
Finally, respond to at least two (2) of your classmates’ posts. Give them feedback on their explanations. definition and choice of artist and, specifically, their explanations about the elements or principles of design used. At least one of your responses should be to a post about a type of artwork (drawing or sculpture) that you did not choose. Make sure that your response is thoughtful and intended to add to the discussion. Each response should be at least 40-60 words.
The remaining 80 words will be used as responses once the first part is done i will paste 2 posts to respond to (40 words each) with “simple language” please do not use any outside sources use the drawings and sculptures pdf attached.
i also attached a rubric and the textbook with key words

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