The link attached is the overview of race and Hispanic origin. below is the assi

The link attached is the overview of race and Hispanic origin. below is the assignment directions needed to be complete. to answer part one, I attached three photos and a link to those 3 photos at the bottom of everything that is attached. if any questions about that in particularly please reach out. Thank you!
Attached Files:
Overview of Race and Hispanic Origin 2010.pdf (1.526 MB)
This assignment has (3) Parts. Review each part, the associated web site provided, then address the questions listed.
Part 1 (20 points)
Review the (3) pictures below, then answer the following questions:

How would you racially characterize the people in these images? Why? [Note that Hispanic or Latino is NOT a race]
Now click on each photo to learn who the person is. Are you surprsied to learn each of these individuals all identify(ed) as Black/African-American?
What does this exercise tell you about racial categories in the United States?
What experiences might these individuals encounter as a result of being racially categorized as white?
Race is a critical issue in the U.S. Given the evidence should we affirm or simply reject the notion of race? Why or why not?
Part 2 (15 points)
Go to the following link on Race and the US Census (pdf attached to this assignment)
Identify the major racial and ethnic groups and their composition according to the United States population in Census 2010.
How do you understand the term “Hispanic”?
How does this term compare and differ with categories such as “African American/Black/Negro”?
Part 3 (15 points)
Visit the US Census’s page About the Hispanic Population and its Origin (
According to the 2010 census 308.7 million people resided in the United States on April 1, 2010, an increase of 27.3 million people, or 9.7 percent, between 2000 and 2010. The vast majority of the growth in the population came from increases from which groups/populations?
Identify which population is numerically and proportionally the largest major race and ethnic group in the United States, and which population is also growing at the slowest rate.
Speculate on what changes you think will occur in census racial categories over the next fifty years. Keep in mind that census categories always reflect the prevailing notions of race and result from an intensely political process (the Omi and Winant article, “Racial Formations,” may be useful reading).
Assignment Specifications
This assignment should be:
typed in 12pt Times New Roman font
a minimum of 3 pages in length.
You must attempt all questions. If you wish, you can respond according to how the assignment is formatted (example 1a., 1b., and so forth)

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