The goal of this assignment is to identify ways in which a written text can be m

The goal of this assignment is to identify ways in which a written text can be made more accessible and better organized by way of fundamental elements of document design. While document design can encompass some extensive and complicated processes (image placement, grids and readability, etc) at its core are some elementary principles that make a written text much more comprehensible. Think back to the opening assignment in which you analyzed the web pages for changing a flat tire. Document design and accessibility were essential features of those documents and your analysis. You should be able to draw from that assignment to complete the revisions asked for in assignment #4.
For assignment #4, you will be asked to revise the attached Word document that describes the work of a specific health agency. Currently, the document is written without any attention to design; readers simply encounter a collection of written text. Your task is to use specific design elements from Chapter 6 and Chapter 7 (chunking, queing, filtering, white space, typography, titles, headings, and lists) to create a better organized and more understandable document.
You do not need to worry about revising sentences for wordiness or any mechanical issues. Leave the content and grammar as it is. All I would like for you to do is to demonstrate an awareness of document design by making this document much more usable and as a result more understandable.
Revise the attached document.

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