Research Methods (Measurement)

Topic Teaching (30%)
course name: Research Methods.
topic name: Measurement
The course is in seminar format. Part of the learning at the doctoral level is to develop the ability to conduct a seminar. For this reason, each of you will be assigned to moderate one or more class sessions during the semester. As a moderator, you are expected to make a presentation at the beginning of the seminar and to facilitate class discussion. You should also assume that other students have read the assigned readings, so you should only highlight the major points of the readings. Presenters should also prepare about 5 questions that address “big picture” issues or applications of the readings to hypothetical research problems. As appropriate, you should facilitate your presentation with visual aids or any other media you think will make your points effectively. A handout of the presentation should be distributed to the instructor and students.
I will Use the papers to do my PowerPoint presentation. so please keeping it very clear and understandable.
reading sources:
Shi (2008) Ch. 12
Hinkin (2005)
Hair et al. (2006) Ch. 3
Keller et al. (2005)
Weech-Maldonado et al. (2001)
Hoover et al. (2008)

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