Research and respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words: Agencies have c

Research and respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:
Agencies have come to communicate with the public through social media sites. However, companies and agencies are also checking the social media accounts of employees and potential employees. Answer the following questions in your response:
If you have social media accounts, are you careful about what you post? Would you give your login and password to a company or agency? Why or why not? This article discusses that some companies ask for a Facebook password.
As an employee, can you legally be terminated for what you post on your site? Are there any laws protecting you for what you post? Why or why not?
What is legally considered a Hostile Work Environment in your state? (Please provide the state and the state’s laws).
What is the definition of “Freedom of Speech?” Please see the US Supreme Court’s holdings as to the definition.
Based on the laws you just researched and discussed, have we eroded the right to Freedom of Speech in this country by censoring and firing people for posting or saying things on-line? Why or why not?
What if a person is an avid hunter of deer and posts pictures on his or her Facebook page of deer he or she has killed? Considering the laws of your state, if the employer sees that, hates hunting and finds the pictures offensive, can that employer legally terminate that person? Why or why not?
Respond to 2 of my classmate’s responses in a minimum of 175 words. Be constructive and professional in your responses.
1)Social media has become extremely popular over the recent years. I do have a few social media accounts, but I am very cautious about the things being posted. Not only is it important that I make a good impression on any employers that are looking, but I also am cautious for safety reasons. I would not give any login information to anyone. This allows the company or agency to have a lot more information than is projected on the site.
In North Carolina, a hostile work environment is when a person does or says things that unreasonably interfere with someone or creates an intimidating environment.
The First Amendment states that Freedom of Speech is the right to speak, write, and share ideas or opinions without being punished by government.
Based on these laws, censoring or firing someone for the things they post online is going against Freedom of Speech. Going based on the First Amendment, people are allowed to express opinions online and should not be punished for it. However, if a company chooses they do not want that person to represent their company that is up to them. They have a right to make that decision, as well.
2)Hello class,
When it comes to social media accounts I own several of them, including accounts from facebook, instagram, twitter, and more. I am very careful with what I post on social media due to the companies that will be watching your social media page. Companies will look for your social media page just to see what type of individual you are, what do you post, will you make the company look bad in the public eye, and more. If an company ask for my password and my username I would not give it to them due to multiple reasons. A individual can take my password and username, and use it to destroy my image in their personal time, also can use those passwords for hacking and other major life changing things. To me that information is private just as private as your social security number. As an employee you can be terminated for what you post on your account if it is related to the company or the company customers. There are laws to prevent that but that also goes both ways.

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