Reflecting essay Couse: Human Development

For Essay #1 you need to reflect on your own development, across different domains. Disscuss two aspects of your own physical, psychological, and social development that have occurred. For these changes, discuss whether you think that the change was mainly driven by genetics, or the environment. Include a source to back up your belief. This essay should be between 3-5 pages long, and use at least 3 sources besides the textbook. It should also be written in APA format.
Make sure to address all parts of the prompt: physical, cognitive, and social change AND genetics versus environmental drives
Your essay should be built around the research you choose to include. For example, when writing about physical development, you can start a paragraph or section summarizing the source(s) you chose to use and then use your own experiences as support.
Do not use quotes of more than a few words. This is typically not done in APA format, unless you are including a block quote as an example of something.

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