Purpose: Most states have assessment requirements for teacher licensure/certific

Purpose: Most states have assessment requirements for teacher licensure/certification. Many states require that prospective teachers pass licensure/certification exams and/or develop a competency portfolio. It is important for preservice teachers to be aware of such requirements.
Go to the website to answer the questions below.
Florida Department of Education’s Certification Requirements Website Links to an external site.
What is required to become a certified teacher in Florida? Explain the steps toward certification.
What are the assessment requirements for teacher candidates to be licensed/certified in Florida? Name AND briefly describe the exact exams you have to take to become certified as a teacher in Florida.
Visit the Professional Education Test (083) Resource Materials page Links to an external site. to learn more about the professional education test exam requirements. Give a DEEPER description of the test, requirements, and passing information.
Does the Florida Department of Education offer alternative licensure/certification routes for teachers? If so, what are the requirements? List and describe.
Briefly, in no more than 1 paragraph, describe your personal certification plan.
* Only use the information found on the website given from the FLDOE and PET Resource Materials page. There is conflicting information out there, the FLDOE website is your best

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