PSYC676: Developmental Neuropsychology-Topic Paragraph for Literature review paper on Schizophrenia

Hello, please see the attachment for full instructions. This order is for the topic paragraph for a literature review paper on Schizophrenia. Please read this note left by my professor:
Hello PSYC676 students,
Please remember that all of our writing assignments are required to be formatted according to current APA publication guidelines.
For graduate-level courses (i.e., Master’s and Ph.D.), we will be using the “Professional Paper Standards” for formatting rather than the “Student Standards.” Please be sure to take careful note of the differences between the two sets of standards.
For an example of professional paper standards, please go to the following site:
If you agree to write this paragraph I will ask if you can write the rest of the paper in upcoming separate orders. If you cannot do that for future orders in the next couple of weeks (it will be a total of 4 more assignments for this paper) then please do not take this assignment.

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