Programming Capstone

Locate a business that you can model for this class, ideally one that is not “computerized”. Your semester will consist of coming up and implementing a solution for a part or the whole business (depending on business size). Write up your finding and target application for approval by me, you may have to either expand or reduce the size depending on your findings and ideas. The actual solution will not need to be actually implemented by this business but you will go through the steps.
If you plan on using the system you designed in Systems Analyst class, make a note and include it with your proposal.
Things to take into consideration:
– Size of the project
– Sample input (Forms the business uses currently)
– Sample output (Reports the business needs currently)
– Database size, relationships and normalization
– Availability of the manager/owner to answer questions
Sample areas to consider:
– Inventory control
– Customer tracking
– Invoicing
– Order entry
– Sales tracking
– Give a brief descriiption (1 paragraph) of your idea for approval or denial.

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