Please submit a PDF version of your personal statement. The word limit for the p

Please submit a PDF version of your personal statement. The word limit for the personal statement is 1,000 words.
In reviewing applicants’ personal statements, the Admissions Committee is guided by the following objectives:
Ensuring access to legal education for underrepresented groups, minorities and individuals who have faced extraordinary life circumstances;
Ensuring a diverse range of perspectives and backgrounds to enrich the student body; and
Ensuring wide-ranging forms of excellence within the student body.
The personal statement should feature clear and authentic writing. Where appropriate, the statement should comment on the following considerations to assist the Committee in assessing the applicant’s candidacy and desire and ability to succeed in law:
demonstrated aptitude based on personal and professional achievements and work experience;
contributions to community;
extraordinary personal challenges or the difficulty and quality of the pre law academic program;
family, community, leadership or similar responsibilities;
social, political, economic or other factors;
exceptional circumstances that adversely affected particular grades or academic performance and/or LSAT score(s), but do not pose an ongoing issue in terms of the Applicant’s ability to succeed in law school.
For applicants in the Indigenous Applicants category, the personal statement may draw on aspects of the applicant’s resumé, but should not repeat information that is included in the resumé.
The TRC Final Report and the MMIWG National Inquiry Report, as well as many previous reports, have documented the historic and ongoing colonialism and systemic racism Indigenous peoples face in Canada. If these realities have affected your life experience or your decision to pursue legal education, you are welcome to explain that in your Personal Statement, should you wish to do so.
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