Peer Review for Topic Proposal and Problem Statement

Present and discuss a topic that you are interested in researching for this course. Explain why this topic interests you. Provide a brief background of the topic and speculate on arguments you could pose or problems you could solve. Additionally, draft a potential problem statement. Pose ideas and solicit feedback from your peers on your ideas.
As you chose you topics and work on your written assignment this week, I decided to give you some hints on how to prepare your paper on Problem Statement.
Problem statement provides the context for the research study and typically generates QUESTIONS which the research hopes to answer (objective of the research). You need to be able to clearly answer the question “what is the problem”? And why this problem is worth attention (relevance).
Questions to ask when analyzing the problem:
-What is the history of the problem?
– How long has it existed?
– What are the causes of the problem?
– What are the symptoms of the problem?
– What resources are available for dealing with the problem?
– What obstacles will prevent solving the problem?
More tips for a good problem statement:

Provide a brief descriiption of the problem associated with your topic that can be addressed through your proposed strategies. Remember that the problem may include (for example)
The lack of skilled workforce.
Not enough training resources.
Lack of awareness of the issues within the topic.
Hard to treat or understand causes.
Lack of education for accepting/recognizing a disease.
Not effective methods to manage a condition, etc.
(Avoid considering the symptoms of a disease as a problem).

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