Part 1 Okay – please pick a disorder and try to connect it to at least 3 chapte

Part 1
Okay – please pick a disorder and try to connect it to at least 3 chapters of the class –
If someone has chosen your disorder choose something slightly different – or explain it differently.
Post the disorder that you want and then you can go back and edit it adding more details.
You can also ADD to someone’s post by connecting it to different chapters or more information. It can’t have the same thing that the previous post had.
part 2
I love yoga (well sort-of) I see the practice as amazing and love the idea of mindfulness and mental well being.
The main idea is to become present in the moment – so much so your mind is at peace and you are one with the world around you. While this sounds great – I am not sure that it is the best idea for all of us to be doing all of the time.
Someone with Anxiety always is present in the FUTURE
Someone with Depression is always present in the PAST
Someone who is always present in the moment – most likely has ADD.
What can a therapist do for you to find the balance between the different aspects of our consciousness.
What can they do to help us regain control over our focus?
If you have been to a therapist – please share if it is not too personal what it was like.
Part 2

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