Navigate to the following game in Scratch:

Navigate to the following game in Scratch: to an external site.
For this game, again try to answer some Create task questions. Use the student handout guide for more information on questions in downloads. Don’t forget to see the code in Scratch you can click the “See inside” button.
Answer the following questions from the Create Task:
1. Describe the overall purpose of the program
2. Describes what the functionality of the program is (This would normally be a video but I’m asking slightly different this time).
3. Describes the input and output of the program.
Capture and paste two program code segments that contain a list (or other collection type) being used to manage complexity in this program.
4. Paste your first screen cap: The first program code segment must show how data have been stored in the list.
5. Paste your second screen cap: The second program code segment must show the data in the same list being used, such as creating new data from the existing data or accessing multiple elements in the list, as part of fulfilling the program’s purpose.
6. Identifies the name of the list being used in this response
7. Describe what the data contained in the list represent in the program
8. Explain how the selected list manages complexity in the program code by explaining why the program code could not be written, or how it would be written differently, if you did not use the list.

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