Magazine Interview School Financial Management 2

Background: You are an elementary school administrator, and you are tasked with handling the financial matters in your school. You must be aware of factors that affect funding, as well as sources of revenue. You must also be familiar with laws related to school finance for public education. Use Dunlap School District in Dunlap, IL as a site for your reference during this interview. Essay Assignment: A district representative wants to interview you on the topics of educational funding, sources of revenue for schools, and the government’s role in public education. You are expected to share your opinion and the reasons for your perspective based on both experience and research in the magazine interview. Research the following topics in preparation for your interview: Trends and issues concerning changing school demographics and their effect on school finance, Sources of revenue available to support public education, The federal government’s role in public education
Advantages and disadvantages of tax credit donations to public school systems. Write the Essay as a Magazine Interview of your responses to the following prompts: Evaluate how changing demographics have affected educational funding and identify some challenges and benefits associated with these changes, Determine a variety of sources of revenue available to support public education and explain why it is important to be aware of different sources and uses of revenue, Assess the federal government’s role in public education as prescribed by the U. S. Constitution, other federal legislation, and court decisions, and lastly Do you think the federal government should be more involved in public education or less? Explain your reasoning.

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