INSTRUCTIONS Read the following AACU’s press release of January 19, 2023. AAC&U

Read the following AACU’s press release of January 19, 2023.
AAC&U Releases New Five-Year Strategic Plan Focused on Equity, Innovation, and Excellence
AAC&U today released its strategic plan for 2023–27 during its annual meeting in San Francisco. The plan presents the goals and aspirations that will guide the association’s work over the next five years.
Equity, Innovation, and Excellence foregrounds AAC&U’s values, purpose, and scope within the current societal context and landscape of higher education, and the plan outlines the strategic objectives that will frame the association’s commitment to continuous innovation, improvement, and expansion.
AAC&U President Lynn Pasquerella announced the release of the new strategic plan in her address to attendees from higher education institutions across the country and around the world who are gathered at the 2023 Annual Meeting, “Reclaiming Liberal Education.”
“As institutions recover from the impact of COVID-19, renew commitments to equity and community engagement, and reimagine the future of postsecondary education on their campuses, delivering a high-quality liberal education equitably will be more important than ever,” Pasquerella said. “The plan serves as a collective call to action for those of us who believe that a liberal education provides the foundational knowledge and skills that empower students to advance the common good through responsible and engaged citizenship in local, national, and global contexts.”
Equity, Innovation, and Excellence was developed through a comprehensive strategic planning process that began in July 2021 and was designed to promote collaboration among stakeholders—AAC&U’s staff and board of directors as well as faculty, staff, and administrators at member institutions. In the process, the AAC&U Board of Directors approved a revised mission statement to serve as the foundation for the 2023–27 strategic plan: AAC&U advances the democratic purposes of higher education by promoting equity, innovation, and excellence in liberal education.
The plan commits the association to four strategic objectives to guide its work over the next five years:
Sustain an association prepared to thrive and champion liberal education globally.
Create a model for institutional transformation on campuses.
Partner with educators and institutions to transform the student learning experience.
Fully engage our members around the world.

Open the actual AACU Strategic Plan 2023-2027 available from these links:
Under the title “Strategic Commitments, 2023–27,” read and analyze the strategic plan’s four long-term Strategic Objectives and their corresponding Key Activities.
Using your own words (no copy-and-paste), discuss your findings from comparing AACU’s strategic plan content with the Strategic Plan template that you used to complete your personal strategic plan. What would you change (modify, add, or remove) in the AACU’s plan to improve it?
After you post your original discussion, reply to a posting from one of your classmates with a comment that adds value.
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