In this exercise, you will investigate how daily diet affects the agricultural d

In this exercise, you will investigate how daily diet affects the agricultural demands of a country. You will do this by analyzing a random American’s food and drink intake for 3 days on the Calories and Land activity sheet.
Look at the column of plant food calories that they ate and animal food that they ate. You will add up the number of calories consumed in each category per day and write the total at the bottom of the chart. Then find the average amount for each day using the given calculations on the activity sheet.
If you would like to compare this with food that you ate over three days, but need more calorie data, you may want to consult the Calories of Foodstuffs list below.
As you will see, the calories for the three day diet has been categorized as coming from either plants or animals. A steak or a glass of milk clearly fall into the animal calories category, while a bowl of rice or a side dish of broccoli fall into the plant calories category. But what about a cheeseburger? For this, we tried to separate the calories from the meat patty (Animal calories) from the calories of the bun (plant grains) and tomato and other vegetables (all plants) so that the calories fall into the proper category.
After calculating the average caloric intake and estimating the amount of land that was needed to provide Random Human’s daily intake, answer the questions on the activity sheet.

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