IBP and the U.S. Meat Industry Case Write UP

Case Analysis must be 2-pages, in essay format, double spaced, 12-point font, in Times New Roman. Should reflect a business writing format. MUST answer ALL FOUR (4) of the questions listed for this case analysis…..
QUESTIONS TO ANSWER (in essay format): 1) How did the government actions from 1900 to 1920 change the structure of the meat packing industry? 2) Why was IBP successful in the 1960s and 1970s? 3) Why has IBP’s performance deteriorated at the end of the case? 4) What should IBP do to improve its performance at the end of the case? What are the key success factors that IBP needs to address in order to implement your suggestion?
First, please read ALL of the “Chapter 4 Framework” attachments provided in order to understand the framework, concepts, models, and techniques needed in order to answer all FOUR (4) of the questions in essay format. The framework discussed in the “Chapter 4 Framework” files MUST be used and incorporated into answering the FOUR (4) case analysis questions I listed earlier in the instructions.
Additionally, the “IBP and the U.S. Meat Industry” case is attached. Please read the entire case first to gain background and understanding of the case, and then proceed to answer all of the FOUR (4) questions I have listed in the instructions.
Lastly, please cite the “IBP Meat Industry” case at the very end. NO OUTSIDE SOURCES * NO plagiarism! Thank you!

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