I will upload the document it must be at least 3 pages you have to answer the 4

I will upload the document it must be at least 3 pages you have to answer the 4 questions below
Grading of discussions:
Post exceeds expectations and is superior in nature
 All questions presented for discussion are addressed in a thorough manner
 Post demonstrates excellent critical thinking skills and original thought.
 Post is supported by evidenced based materials.
 Post utilizes excellent writing mechanics.
In the U.S, there is no national title protection for social workers. Instead, each state has its own laws regarding the title of social worker. The state of Alabama’s code in section 34-30-33(a) addresses Representation to Public as a Social Worker. That paragraph states, “No person may represent himself or herself as a social worker by using the title “social worker,” “licensed bachelor social worker,” “licensed master social worker,” or “licensed independent clinical social worker,” or any other title that includes such words, or by adding the letters “SW,” “LBSW,” ” LMSW,” or “LICSW,” unless licensed under this chapter or excluded according to its provisions.”
In this discussion post, address the following related to the title protection of social workers: discussion questions
The importance of title protection for social workers.
Reasons social workers need both a social work degree and a license to practice as a social worker.
Ethical issues related to presenting oneself as a social worker without the proper credentials to do so.
Consider benefits offered by title protection and maintenance of licensure standards. Also think about the challenges that title protection and licensure standards may pose.
Please demonstrate critical thinking and original thought in this discussion post. Relate your post to the social work profession, your social work practice, and to the impact this discussion has for clients.

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