For this project, you will be investigating the influence of motivation on perfo

For this project, you will be investigating the influence of motivation on performance. You will take one of two motivation scales and write up your results in a 1-2 page paper. What did it tell you about yourself? Is it accurate? How would you use this information to help yourself, an athlete, or someone else improve their performance? Due Jan. 29.
Sports Motivation Scale
Sports Motivation ScaleDownload Sports Motivation Scale
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Academic Motivation ScaleDownload Academic Motivation Scale
Format for Reports
All written projects must follow APA format. Documents should have 1-inch margins and be double-spaced. They should have a title page, but an abstract is not necessary. All mini projects should have the following sections: Introduction, methodology, results, and discussion/conclusions. The purpose of the project should be included in the introduction. Why are you completing this project? What do you hope to learn about yourself? The methodology describes exactly what you did so that someone else could replicate your project using your description. For this project, you will explain which scale you took. The results section contains your analysis of your data and a reporting on the results of your project. What did you score and what does that mean? The discussion/conclusion contains what you learned from doing the project. What did the scale say about your motivation? Do you agree with the results? Is the scale accurate for you? How might others benefit from taking this scale?

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