Each student will select from the list of brands to do a deep dive through the c

Each student will select from the list of brands to do a deep dive through the course. Brand signup is to be done through the people tab on Canvas. Through research, including a thorough review of the brand’s consumer-facing messaging, including its website and social media, as well as any consumer reviews or comments about the brand, students will infer the brand’s strategy and make recommendations on how better to tap into consumer insights. No additional outside research is required or will be accepted.
Students should use the Canadian consumer-facing website and social media analysis, and should only incorporate the US site if directed there from the Canadian site.
Practice deep dive Week 2 – Manscaped Male Grooming
Week 3 Rolex – focus on Men’s Classic Watches
Week 4 Tentree apparel (OK to select a gender to focus on)
Week 5 19 Crimes Wine
Week 7 Tazo Tea
Week 8 ancestry.ca
Week 9 KIND Nut Bars
Week 10 Harry’s Razors
Week 11 White Claw Hard Seltzers
Based on their analysis, the student should identify:
a) Who the brand is targeting.
b) What profound insight has the brand identified about its target?
c) How does the brand tap into that insight, in terms of its features and benefits.
d) Take 1 concept or model taught thus far in the course and explain how the brand is using it in its marketing.
e) What is the brand’s dominant archetype?
f) Based on their analysis, provide one recommendation with rationale for how the brand can tap even more into the insight about the consumer, and suggest one marketing tactic for the best thing the brand can do within the next 12 months.
Max length: 2 pages single spaced

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