Discussion 1 – Week 1 One of the aspects I found extremely interesting was the t

Discussion 1 – Week 1
One of the aspects I found extremely interesting was the tactic Weyler used to separate the independence fighters from their supporters. The rural population gave the rebels information, food, and other support which aided them against the opposition. To cut off this support, Weyler forced the rural citizens to move into the townships controlled by the Spanish army. He ordered that the barricades be reinforced in order to basically “cut up” the island into smaller territories in which they could box in the rebels. Because of this, the army was able to enclose themselves on the rebels and were victorious. I found Weyler’s solution, while very inhumane to the rural populace due to the living conditions in the townships, to be a surprisingly ingenious war tactic that allowed the rebellion to be cut off at what was essentially its source.
Another historical point I found interesting was how the public responded and rebelled to the gathering of troops under Maura’s governing after the Riffi tribes killed multiple miners. Many of the troops who were called to war had previously served but were unable to pay the necessary money to be exempt from service. This caused an uproar of the spouses and families of the soldiers and when thousands of the soldiers were killed in the battle, an uprising was started in which religious buildings were burned down in rebellion. I find this interesting because it shows the overwhelming power of a nation that rises against its government’s decisions. With the original uproar, it should have apparent to Maura that the people did not side with the government, and yet, the war continued causing thousands to die and then to subsequently be memorialized by more violence in their memory

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