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In this five-paragraph essay, you will select three key concepts from the class and discuss their application to the world around you. Each paragraph will be dedicated to a different concept and its application. Make sure to directly
quote the reading in which the concept appears (citing in MLA style) and the news story, novel or film, etc. that demonstrates how it applies to the world. Every concept should come from a
different reading, and each explanatory context should be taken from a different source (i.e. do not repeat the same news story in separate paragraphs). Begin with the concept’s meaning and import and then move to the example. For instance, if you want to discuss the concept of a media
environment, you will probably rely on the McLuhan and John Durham Peters readings. You will then select a particular form of technology that can be understood as operating in an
environmental or atmospheric fashion. How does it move around the user(s) and condition their world? Is there a magazine or journal article that provides useful examples of how this plays out? How does this example supplement the theories of McLuhan and/or Durham Peters? Do not rely too heavily on the lecture slides, textbook introductions, or other course material for your explanations of the concepts that you select. Your primary resources for this assignment are
the course readings themselves and the documents that help you discuss these concepts.
the reading are also attached

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