Congratulations – you’ve been hired to serve as a consultant for AdesseNY. Your

Congratulations – you’ve been hired to serve as a consultant for AdesseNY. Your task is to provide an initial approach wire-frame for how you would begin to organize your efforts. Doing this early in the engagement can help to orient your understanding of what the project may involve.
Client/Project Brief Synopsis
Client: AdesseNY
Client’s presenting interest/question: Introducing a Halal line of products for Middle Eastern consumers. Halal nail and lip products. What country should AdesseNY enter first, and why?
AdesseNY Background: AdesseNY was founded in 2014 by a team of beauty industry executives who moved to Scottsdale Arizona to develop a line of luxurious polish and skin care products; formulated with ingredients from the cacti, flowers and plants growing in the Sonoran Desert. The company’s first unique proposition is the polish permits water permeation so the it doesn’t need to be removed multiple times per day when engaging daily rituals.
The brand launched in mid 2015 with online sales of 7,000 units. In 2016, the brand caught the attention of the beauty buyers of New York based BeautyAtMyDoor; a luxury beauty subscription retailer. BAMD wanted to feature Adesse’s products in their monthly subscription boxes and placed three purchase orders totaling 909,000 units.
Throughout 2017 and 2018, the brand’s awareness grew and it became a niche favorite of millions of beauty enthusiasts. The brand continued to grow its partnership with BAMD and also partnered with other leading beauty boxes. By the end of 2019, the brand ’s sales had grown to over 6 million units.
Included is a video interview vignette with Suzanne Roberta, AdesseNY CEO, for additional context regarding the company and its interests.
Assignment: Top-shelf consultants resist the urge to jump to conclusions largely by beginning their projects with a wire-frame outline of how they would conceptually approach their work. Utilizing the document in this module titled Initial Project Approach Wire-frame for Individual Assignment (you’ll upload your responses using this document directly), and based on the information provided in the above written synopsis and in the brief interview vignette, respond to the prompt questions regarding Discovery, Analysis, and Adoption. Your objective is not to come up with findings or to provide a solution – you would be far too early in the consulting process (this is an activity designed for the intersection between “Contracting” and “Discovery”) to try to come up with answers to your client’s core objective/question (for example, in the analysis prompt you would list some tools/resources/frameworks you’re familiar with from previous classes/experience and/or you own search that you think could help you given the nature of this project – you wouldn’t actually run data thru the framework(s). Your task is to use the prompts to demonstrate how you would begin to think about and codify your initial approach to this project given the preliminary information provided. Remember, it’s important to listen intently to everything your client provides to better understand context but not everything provided is directly relevant to a particular client engagement objective.

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