Citi Group Inc

LO – 1 – Identifying one of the business environments used in this course, the student will be able to discuss that environment’s past, present, and future with the use one business theorist.
LO – 2 – Given a chosen company, the student will determine how government regulations affect the company and how to overcome barriers within the Domestic Environment using business theory
LO – 3 – Given a chosen company, the student will assess barriers raised by government regulations in the company’s Global Environment and identify strategies for success given these barriers.
LO – 4 – Given a chosen company, the student will detect and evaluate the company’s hard and soft technology using both the Domestic and Global environments of the company.
Research the domestic, global, and technological environments of Citi Group Inc and write an essay in APA format that covers the following:
1. Identify the company, describe the nature of its industry, and describe the domestic environment (home company). For example, U.S. Air operates in the airline industry. Its home country and domestic environment are the United States.
a. Summarize the company’s industry, how long it has been in business and the attribute for which it is the least or worst admired company
b. Investigate and explain the domestic government regulations associated with the chosen industry
2. Identify the global environment (consider two international countries other than North America/look beyond Canada or Mexico)
a. What are the characteristics of the Global Country/Environment that will best suit the company for success
3. Identify the hard and soft technology used for both domestic and global environments of your company. This topic is not about computers or software;
a. A hard technology company is a developer of technology; this company produces — actually develops/makes/sells — the technology itself and technology products – both hardware and software – as its primary business activity. Companies like Intel (PC chips), Cisco (network chips), Microsoft (PC software), Verizon (wireless networks), Apple (smart phones), etc. are clearly in this category. A soft technology company is the user of the technology.
For more than 50 years, virtually every enterprise (including corporations, non-profits, government agencies, military organizations) has been using technology to improve the administrative side (e.g., accounting, payroll, HR, inventory management) of their operations. More recently, technology has entered operational areas of the enterprise. Examples are customer service, supply chain management, automated manufacturing, and robotics.
Now, even traditional soft technology companies like Ford, GM, Boeing, GE, Frigidaire, etc. are building more and more embedded technology into their products to increase profit margins and customer appeal. A new car contains hundreds of microchips, actually small special purpose microcomputers), to implement new features customers demand. Same with a washer, dryer, refrigerator — with control panels are looking more like the flight deck of a futuristic starship than an appliance.
4. What are the domestic, global, and technological barriers for the business and how will the company overcome those barriers?

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