Change Champion – Nursing

Change does not occur in a vacuum. Change must be made through leaders who initiate, support, and lead the change. Think of your identified or potential practice problem. Who are the leaders tasked with implementing this change? You should be a part of this list of leaders, but who else is championing the change? Who else is supporting the change and leading the way? Change can be hard, but change is also inevitable. Thus, change champions understand the purpose and necessity of change and offer this insight and support to the organization. How might your leadership skills and strategies produce more change champions? For this Discussion, you will contrast change champions and opinion leaders. You will consider the necessity of change for your practice problem, and explore the human impact and resources needed to support your proposed practice change. Post a descriiption of the differences between change champions and opinion leaders. Be specific and provide examples. Then, describe the human resources that may be necessary to support your proposed practice changes and explain why. See less

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