Case Study Analysis

The Assignment (1- to 2-page case study analysis)
In your Case Study Analysis related to the scenario provided, explain the following:
Both the neurological and musculoskeletal pathophysiologic processes that would account for the patient presenting these symptoms.
Any racial/ethnic variables that may impact physiological functioning.
How these processes interact to affect the patient.
This week, you will examine fundamental concepts of neurological and musculoskeletal disorders. You will explore common disorders that impact these systems and apply the key terms and concepts that help communicate the pathophysiological nature of these issues to patients.
Assignment (1- to 2-page case study analysis).
Paper format: APA format reflective of the 7th edition. Review APA intext citation for correct format when citing 3 or more authors. Also review APA for the maximum number of authors that must be listed in a cited reference in the reference list which is different from APA 6th edition.
Start with a 1-2 sentence brief introduction followed by stating: The purpose of the paper will be to explain the neurological and musculoskeletal pathophysiological processes. In addition, address racial/ethnic variables impacting physiological function. Lastly, describe how these processes interact to affect the patient.
Within the paper subject headings should reflect APA format and not written in a sentence format.
Subject headings should reflect the following:
Neurological and Musculoskeletal Pathophysiologic Processes Associated with Presenting Symptoms
Racial/Ethnic Variables Impacting Physiological Function
How These Processes Interact to Affect the Patient
Review WU grading rubric prior to submitting your paper assignment to ensure you are fulfilling each learning objective set forth by WU. If the learning objective requires searching the literature for research, I will be specifically looking for an article reflective of clinical research published less than 6 years and how the research article relates to the topic of discussion. Needless to say, all cited references are crossed checked for accuracy and reliability.
Assigned Case Scenario:
A 72-year-old woman is brought to the clinic by her daughter. The daughter reports that her mother had an acute onset of slurred speech that morning, but it resolved within an hour. About an hour later she noted her mother was a lethargic and speechless. When she attempted to get her mother to stand, she panicked when her mother slumped over to the right side and couldn’t seem to push herself to an upright position or stand. The daughter reports that her mother had a stroke 2 years ago and exhibited similar symptoms resulting in a 5-day hospital stay followed by intensive rehabilitation where she was able to return to normal functioning. When you see the patient, she is alert, ambulating, and has 4/5 strength bilaterally in the upper and lower extremities. DTRs are 2+ bilaterally. A CT of the head reveals an old left sided infarct within the temporal region. A CT of the carotids reveals a 35% blockage on the left and 40% on the right. Blood pressure is 134/84, P 84, and respirations 18. Labs tests reveal a cholesterol of 306, HDL of 36, and an LDL of 140.
Submit your Case Study Analysis Assignment by Day 7 of Week 8.
Reminder: The College of Nursing requires that all papers submitted include a title page, introduction, summary/conclusion, and references. The sample paper provided at the Walden Writing Center provides an example of those required elements (available at Links to an external site.).

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