******** case *****Felicia Walker is a 14-year-old female who presents to your s

******** case *****Felicia Walker is a 14-year-old female who presents to your school-based teen clinic. She is complaining of daily stomachaches for the past several weeks. She states that she has been complaining about them but everyone tells her it’s just stress from moving and it will get better after she makes some friends. Felicia is new to your school this year and her record notes that she frequently misses her first class of the day. She lives with her aunt and uncle, who are her legal guardians. (Your clinic has private rooms that each person goes into; so there is no waiting room but they are assured privacy).
Your post should address the following:Summary of your chosen case study
What is your differential diagnosis?
Why did you make this diagnosis decision?
What is your treatment plan?
What evidence-based research can you provide to support your decision (choice for differential diagnosis and plan/intervention)?
What resources did you use to meet your best practice guidelines?
Address the ethical dilemmas and/or other issues for your case study:Ethical issues
Psychological issues
Physical issues
Financial issues

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