Capital Budgeting Justification (125 points) Capital budgeting is an essential p

Capital Budgeting Justification (125 points)
Capital budgeting is an essential process for healthcare organizations. The challenge in quality and patient safety organizations is proving return on the capital investment without revenue impacts.
Select a capital investment that you would recommend making for a patient safety concern. In a 12-13 slide PowerPoint Presentation address the following requirements:
Describe the capital item in detail:Item description
Rationale for selection
Cost-benefit analysis
Complete a capital budget with projected financial benefit:Revenue or positive financial impact
Capital equipment cost
Personnel cost
Supply cost
Review financial ratiosReturn on investment
Net Present Value
Cash Payback period
Make a recommendation to lease or finance the capital item. Please support your decision with financial data.
Your presentation should meet the following structural requirements:
Be 12-13 slides in length, not including the title or reference slides.
add graphics
Be formatted according to Saudi Electronic University and APA writing guidelines.
Provide support for your statements with citations from a minimum of six scholarly articles.
These citations should be listed in the Notes section of the slide in which they appear. Two of these sources may be from the class readings, textbook, or lectures, but four must be external.
Each slide must provide detailed speaker’s notes to support the slide content. These should be a minimum of 100 words long (per slide) and must be a part of the presentation. The presentation cannot be submitted in PDF format, which does not make notes visible to the instructor. Notes must draw from and cite relevant reference materials

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