Below is the information for the assignment. All that is needed is to reconstruc

Below is the information for the assignment. All that is needed is to reconstruct into a social work case study scenario.
You may also need to suggest how and why you would use a case management skill to help the client. Put yourself in the role of case manager, and think about things like – why is this person behaving in this way? Does a particular theory or skill help to explain this behavior? What would I do to help this person as a case manager? This Case Study must be 1 to 2 pages long.
*Use the following information as a guide to complete this assignment.
Bridget is 22 years old and a drug addict. Her parents were divorced in her early teens. She changed high schools three times. Her father is an alcoholic and her mother is clinically depressed. She has been in jail nine times and she has been in and out of hospitals for the past five years with various illnesses. Her boyfriend phyiscally abuses her. Right now she is a convicted felon and she could receive a sentence of six months in the penitentiary or six months probation. She wrote bad checks and was caught with drug paraphenalia. Bridget has just found out that she is pregnant. She does not know who the father is. She has a brother and two sisters. She grew up in a suburban neighborhood. In her early teens her dada admitted he was an alcoholic and left the home and never came back. The family had to move to a smaller house outside of the neighborhood and then again to a house with lower rent. Bridget had to change schools with each move and began to use drugs to help her belong. She moved out in her senior year and moved in with her father. She was doing doing drugs daily and moved in wiht her boyfriend. She worked at a grocery store while her boyfriend was using and selling drugs. Her school and work record was sporadic although she did graduate. Bridget traveled with her boyfriend at the age of 20 to Mexico to buy drugs to sell in the US. She was stopped by police on her way back and jailed for possession. Her family left her in jail one night and she was released on bail as well as her boyfriend. They unloaded the drugs from the car that the police did not find and was again arressted soon after. She stayed out of jail for three months and then was arrested for prostitution. She spent almost 4 months in jail for this. She was then placedo on probation and lived in a halfway house. During this time she went to AA and received the 100 day sobriety chip. She then moved back in with her mother and got a job, paid rent and then moved to her own apartment. She got back together with her boyfriend and was using drugs again before long. Bridget was hospitalized that summer with pneumonia. She weighted only 90 pounds and lost a lot of hair and teeth. Bridget refused all the help from her family who offered. All she wanted was to do drugs and be back with her boyfriend. She moved in wiht two friends and her boyfriend upon release from the hospital. She used drugs, stole checks, stole food, and stole medicine. She sold drugs and was arrested again. While in jail she attempted to commit suicide. She was taken to the hospital and placed on suicide watch. Whiel there she found out she was pregnant. She was placed in rehab for six months and probation for three years. If she violates that law again she will go to prison.

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