As a student at the University of Arizona Global Campus, you have access to the

As a student at the University of Arizona Global Campus, you have access to the e-portfolio platform, Folio. This technology tool allows you to develop an electronic portfolio that you can share virtually with colleagues, families, and potential employers both now as a student, as well as in the future as a professional. This assignment introduces you to Folio, the e-portfolio tool being used by this university. In Week 5 of this course you will develop a Cultural Competence Toolkit that includes evidence of your learning in each of the Course Learning Outcomes and will be added to your e-portfolio.
Next, set up your Folio according to the following specifications:
-Follow the easy, step-by-step directions to create an account. If necessary, be sure to list the University of Arizona Global Campus as your school and Undergraduate Student as your status.
– Create your Homepage Profile Settings Including:
– Avatar (may be a picture or other avatar to represent you)
– Cover image
– Tagline: Words, a catchphrase, or slogan to describe you
– Introduction: Write a brief introduction. As an option, you may use what you composed for the Post Your Introduction discussion in Week 1. This should be a representation of you that is appropriate to share with colleagues and other professionals. In your introduction discuss how you value being an early childhood professional prepared to teach diverse children in your learning environment.
For this assignment, you must submit a Word document that includes the following:
A link to your electronic portfolio in Folio. To do this you will copy and paste the web address into the comments feature in Waypoint.
Screenshots of your Folio pages that show each of the profile elements cited above.
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Discipline: children and families in a diverse society

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