Analytical Essay

This activity aims to prepare a written paper applying the concepts studied in this module. Choose one of the marginalized groups and develop an essay including:
1. Characteristics of the population and historical development.
2. Forms of oppression to which it is subjected.
3. Organizations that fight for marginalized groups and concrete actions that are carried out to favor their social inclusion.
4. Suggest any other action you as a Social Worker would implement to favor social inclusion.
· Your essay should be a minimum of ten pages in length.
· It must include an example that evidences the application of the study concept.
· You must author the work submitted without using quotations, the material discussed in the module, or any other source.
Note: Do not send the assignment via e-mail, as the system will not record evidence of submission.

Submission Instructions:
· Contribute a minimum of 2 pages. It should include at least 2 academic sources, formatted and cited in APA.

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