1st: Select one article from a newspaper or credible news website AND one articl

Select one article from a newspaper or credible news website AND one article from your favorite magazine or online blog. Differentiate between the audience, the purpose, and the message. Also, elaborate on the tone and style of both articles.
(Be sure to include a copy of both of your chosen articles)
Assignment: Proposal Memo
In this assignment, you will be working with a partner and sharing the responsibility for completing this assignment.
Identify a single opportunity for improvement, an idea you both agree upon to propose or some change that will enhance an existing process.
Brainstorm for possible solutions
Consider your audience or specific reader of the memo
Write a one-page memo that contains the following sections:Introduction & Background
Next Steps & Conclusion
Refer to your book beginning on 105ff in the “Correspondence” Section for more examples. You may also find this link at http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/590/04/ helpful for writing memos.
Revise as necessary and be sure to check for proper memo formatting, grammar and length.
Review the samples in this module and in your textbook.
Use the Proposal Memo Rubric in this module to assess your work.
Please submit and format your paper in 12 point Times New Roman font in a Word document.
Make sure to save the file as “Assignment Title – Your last name”, i.e. Proposal Memo
Submit your memo by Tuesday, 11:55PM.

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