1. Conduct an online search. Choose three research studies from the Cuyamaca Col

1. Conduct an online search. Choose three research studies from the Cuyamaca College Library
Database concerning an aspect of the disease you are researching. Pick a specific disease as
there are many kinds of chronic diseases. For example, you will focus on only one type of
cancer: skin cancer, breast cancer, or colon cancer, etc., not all of them. The same goes for
heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.
2. Write a two-page essay, double-spaced, 12 font, and 1-inch margins. Write using an essay
format. Do not use lists or bullets. Use the two pages for your essay. Please, only put your
name at the top of the page.
Include all the following within your essay:
a) A description of the topic you researched.
b) The signs and symptoms of the disease.
c) The risk factors for the disease.
d) What steps you can take to prevent the disease or condition.
e) How to maintain a good quality of life if the disease is already present.
3. Please include a reference list/Works Cited for your three sources at the end of your essay.
Include all the following: Authors, Date, Article Title, Journal, Publisher, URL. MLA
format is acceptable. The Works Cited goes on page 3 and is not part of your 2-page essay.
4. Use citations within your essay for each of your sources. (Author’s last name, Date)
Do not overuse quotations. Be sure to use citations for every quotation. I want
you to use your own words. However, even when you paraphrase, you need to
use a citation.

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