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he personal writing assessment should be about 500 words. Format this APA style. I will look for the following in your assessment: A thesis (choose three things to discuss), grammar, paragraphing (paragraphs should be even and full), detail, and focus (don’t shift focus mid paragraph). Please try to format this correctly as well.
Must be in APA format with a title page.
What follows below gives you some idea of what I would like to see in your paper; however, you do not need to include the answers to all of the below questions.
In the first part of your assessment, give your instructor a complete picture of how you go about writing. Describe the process you normally go through, using examples from recent writing experiences. Address questions such as the following:
Mechanical procedures: When and where do you like to do your writing? Do you compose your drafts by hand, by typewriter, or by word processor? If by hand, what kind of paper and pens do you use for your drafts? Subsequent drafts? Do you single-space or double-space your early drafts? One side of the page or two? If you handwrite, do you write large or small? Big margins or little margins? Do you write rapidly or slowly? Do you use the same procedures for second and later drafts? If you use a word processor, do you compose directly at the terminal or do you write out a draft and then type it in? Do you revise at the terminal or make changes on hard copy?
Mental procedures: Do you procrastinate when you need to write? Do you suffer writer’s block of anxiety? Do you write a paper the night before it is due or spread your writing time out over several days? Do you normally do exploratory writing such as free writing and idea mapping? Do you organize your ideas before drafting or draft first and then organize? How many drafts do you typically make? What kinds of changes do you typically make as you revise? Do you discuss your ideas with friends before you write or between drafts? Do you exchange drafts with friends?
Writing preferences: Do you like to write? What kind of writing do you most like to do? Least like to do? Do you like to choose your own topics or have the teacher choose topics for you? Do you like open-ended assignments or assignments with clear guidelines and constraints? How much time are you willing to put into a paper?
In the second part of your writing, analyze your strengths and weaknesses as a writer. Address questions such as these:
Strengths and weaknesses in final products: What have you been praised for or criticized for in the past as a writer? How consistent are you in coming up with good ideas for your papers? In general, do you have trouble organizing your papers or is organization a strength? Are your sentences usually clear and grammatically correct? Do you have trouble with punctuation? Are you a good speller?
Strengths and weaknesses in writing process: How does your writing process compare with the typical writing processes of experienced writers as described in this chapter? If you were to improve your writing process, what would you work on most?
These questions are meant to be representative only. You do not have to respond to ALL of them! Use them as suggestions for the kinds of information your instructor needs to get to know you as a writer

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