PROJECT DESCRIPTION Using Excel, you will create a NEW spreadsheet, using formul

Using Excel, you will create a NEW spreadsheet, using formulas, functions, and formatting tools, based on a budget for your home/family (you can use general items if you prefer to not list your specific items).
Project Directions
For your completed file, you MUST include FIVE items that you learned from the assignments readings for Weeks 1 and 2, such as (1) advanced charts, (2) advanced graphics, (3) advanced formulas, (4) advanced functions, (5) goal seek, (6) pivot tables (7) all types of advanced formatting, etc. Be creative and innovative, and include many items from Excel to visually represent your budget, both as calculations for income and expenses, and for charts and graphics.
Here are some more items you can include for expenses:
Retirement savings, 401K investments, parking, getting coffee, expenses for cars, car maintenance, yearly registrations for vehicles, gym memberships, clothes, shoes, student loans, interest on items such as mortgage (principal and interest list separately if possible), credit cards (principal and interest list separately if possible), TV/television services such as NetFlix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime; taxes on property you own; payment to accountant for doing your yearly taxes, babysitters. For income, expenses you can include the taxes you pay, as there are multiple for every paycheck.
For income, you can list all types of employers for regular income (and sick and personal days), health and wellness centers, and those that you work for as an independent contractor. Overtime and comp time can be separate items. Expense accounts, training, financial planning services, office items. Other types of income include dividends on stocks and purchase/option plans, real estate sales, insurance payments for claims, commissions, and bonuses, interest received from your bank for savings and checking accounts, rental income for rental properties you own, unemployment compensation, scholarships/fellowships/grants, social security benefits.
Excel File Requirements
The following MUST be included in the Excel Five Item File:
1. Three different types of charts.
2. Two different types of graphics (include this list of items in the Comment section when you submit your file).
3. The budget must include (for 1 month): income with deductions calculated for all items (gross and net salary/income) and all expenses/deductions, with totals for rows and columns for all items (minimum 50 items/cells filled in, font size 12 for items in cells).
4. Organized, formatted, and professionally presented Excel file, including grammar items (correct spelling, etc., format row and column titles with bold and font size 14 for row/column titles/names).
5. In the Comment section when you submit your file, also include any items that surprised you, when globally looking at your budget (income and expenses), in completing this project.

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