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Goal: The goal of this assignment is for the student to create a presentation that reviews a specific world religion, how geography impacts the religion and the people, and deliver this information in the form of a presentation.
Course Objectives: 1 & 2
You are to develop a creative Travel Show Slide Presentation playing the role of a Human Aid Worker who is seeking the involvement and soliciting additional voluntary workers to accompany you on a humanitarian mission to a certain locale throughout the world where your team will study one of the major World Religions AND will be actively engaged in a humanitarian relief effort with the local residents as a way to experience the religion first-hand.
Your Travel Show Slide Presentation should include the following components:
The clear identification of (1) one of the World Religions we are studying in this course.
A purpose statement and objective for studying this religion and your humanitarian relief effort.
The identification and application of the most effective academic perspective of religious studies for your team presented in your Week #1 course materials.
Provide a brief description of the major religious beliefs of your selected religion.
The clear identification of a specific location in the world – not a generalization like – India.
The significant role geography plays within this region and the impact on religion and the people.
Research this religion in an actual area of the world in need of humanitarian relief efforts. Possible areas of assistance for your topic may be found in (United Nations Website), (Access specific Christian Missions for examples, or Non-Profit Organizations.). You will need to design your humanitarian mission to include the following:
The reason humanitarian aid is needed in this area of the world
The type of humanitarian aid is needed and will be provided
The types of service projects your team will be engaged for distributing this aid
The anticipated results of your humanitarian relief effort
The benefits your team members will gain by participating in this effort
You will want to generate excitement for the service and religious study opportunities for persuading people to partner with you as member of your Mission Team.
You will want to maximize the advanced functions of your software to communicate your message with such things like:
Continuous Loop Presentations
Zero-Touch or Zero-Click Advancements
Or other multi-media software presentations
This is to be a research presentation, and you will need to use in-text citations directly on your slides to identify your resources and avoid plagiarism using your favorite academically approved citation format and resource page.
Your presentation will need to demonstrate strong research skills and incorporate a variety of different types of resources to support your objectives.
Your presentation can be in the form of any of the following formats. Please ensure that your presentation is accessible for your instructor by either uploading or linking to your project. Here are some free, online format suggestions:
Infographic (visit “10 Free Tools for Creating Infographics” to gather ideas)
Storybook software like Storybird
A website like Google Sites
You will need to upload your Travel Show Slide Presentation in one of the acceptable formats (above) for presentation and final grading by your instructor. The Grading Rubric for this presentation can be found in your Assignment File for your review.

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