Assignment #1 Healthy People 2030

Assignment #1
Healthy People 2030
Use this link to investigate HP 2030
Select health conditions and behaviors – select one
Then browse the populations – select one
Then browse the settings and systems – select one
Then select the social determinants of health – select one
Then you will search 2-4 evidence-based articles from the library – read / review (you may use your textbook as one citation).
Write a 5-page paper with:
Page 1 – Cover page
Page 2 -3 -4 – Narrative about what you selected, your review and personal assessment / reflection
Page 5 – Reference/s
This is an APA paper.
I have attached an example with the APA ppt with guidance from SMU faculty ideas that are most important in your paper.
Basics are
12-font, double-spaced, add page numbers, proper citation of references, 1-inch margins all around, use titles / subtitles, 2-4 references required.
1. In a few sentences summarize healthy people 2030
2. Discuss why you selected the categories.
3. Read and review the problem.
4. Select 2-4 evidence-based articles published in the last 5 years to reference, you may use your textbook as one reference.
5. Review interventions (do you believe they are achievable)
6. Conclude with 50-100 words with your personal assessment / reflection whether HP 2030 will make a difference.

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